Gout No Longer Just A Rich Man's Disease


Parajumpers Outlet Factory Perhaps of little comfort to those living in poverty at the time, gout was once known as a rich man disease. Indeed it was extremely rare that it would ever affect your average pauper and instead it would be those with a substantial stomach who could afford to eat and drink well that would mostly develop the condition.


 Canada Goose Montebello Parka In the modern world, however, this nickname can actually be a little misleading. In fact, only 12% of cases of gout are caused by diet and instead a genetic disposition to the condition will be the biggest underlying factor. Of course, as with many conditions related to genetic inheritance, gout has become more common through the years and is therefore not subject to lifestyle alone. 


Prada Wallet Outlet  In the course of this article, we'll be covering some of the commonly asked questions regarding the condition including those focused on gout symptoms and gout treatment.


 What is Gout?


 So, we now know that gout doesn't only affect the rich and portly, but exactly what is gout and why does it occur? Well, despite often being considered a distinct condition on its own, gout is actually a form of arthritis and in the same way is characterized by often extremely painful joint inflammation. 


 Mulberry Purses UK This inflammation is the result of a build up of uric acid within the blood that is usually passed through the body in urine and feces. This build up sometimes becomes too high and subsequently crystallizes on joints and surrounding areas, ultimately resulting in acute attacks of gout.


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